Jindo Tales
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edicated to Honoring the Korean Jindo Dog

Welcome to Jindo Tales!  A  place where Jindo owners can share their adventures and experiences with this amazing breed.  Many people have successfully adopted these dogs from shelters across the country to find they have truly made a friend for life.  If you are interested in adopting a Jindo/Jindo Mix and are curious to learn about the breed, then please take the time to enjoy exploring our site. Adopting from a shelter or rescue agency is a heartfelt act that gives a dog the second chance they deserve to find a loving, permanent home.  The Jindo is an exceptionally intelligent breed with a fox-like appearance. They are classified as a primitive dog, often characterized by dedication and loyalty to their master.  Jindo Tales is a collection of stories and testimonials from various owners who chose to adopt a Jindo, share their experiences and further educate people about this little known dog of Korea.


Jindos often display intense loyalty to their owners and families. They are an active breed that thrives in a stable environment, filled with positive reinforcement and enriching activities. These unique qualities make them very appealing to dog lovers who like the novelty of owning a rare breed, but may not have the experience required in handling the challenges of raising a primitive dog.  This has resulted in many Jindos being abandoned or surrendered to local animal shelters, where they are often misidentified and overlooked. Despite being a National treasure in their homeland of Korea, they remain relatively unknown in the States.

Please take a moment to learn about animals in need in Korea.  There are many fine Jindos/Jindo mixes available for adoption, who need a loving forever home.  If you are interested in international adoption, please take a moment to learn about the dogs of Asan shelter.


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